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    Top Techniques to Learn if You Are an Amateur Basketball Player

    Every Player, every coach, every athlete would tell you that the elementary rule for any sports is skill. Being an amateur basketball player learning dribbling, rebounding, passing and shooting are mastering the basic skill of the game. To start with always warm up and dynamic stretch before playing basketball.

    Out of the various skills to learn like shooting, passing, dribbling and rebounding we need to learn about player positions such as defensive and offensive player positions.

    1. Shooting- Knowing how to shoot properly is the fundamental skill you need to master in order to play the game. While standing stand with knees bent and your dominant foot forward, take a comfortable and balanced position, learn it is important to find your perfect stance that helps you goal easily and naturally. Once you discover a stance that suits you best let a great shot fly.
    2. Positioning- Positioning is another important aspect, positioning the ball too high or too low would affect the accuracy of the shot. The ball and the shooting eye should form a straight line to the basket. Grip the ball tightly, push the ball up with your hand, straighten your knee and jump, just as you reach the height of your jump release the ball aiming at the basket.
    3. Dribbling- Before you are attempting to pass, rebound or catch, have a glance as who is near you, never start dibbling until you know who is near you. Dribble extremely low and keep your legs bent. Throughout dribble penetration follow your teammate so you can retrieve the ball if he misses it.
    4. Passing – While passing don’t rush a pass the main job is not to turn the ball over make sure whenever you pass, pass is wide open. A good pass is a pass which can be caught, while passing step towards your team member.
    5. Rebounding- In return to offensive rebounds run to the front of the basket during your fast break. Reacting and moving quickly will improve your anticipation and get you more rebounds. If you still thinking how you can rebound because of less height, you can read about vert shock reviews on how it helped basketball players improve their height with efficiency as well.
    6. Knowing your Position in the team- Traditionally, the strongest and tallest members of a team are called power or center forward, while slightly shorter and more quick players are called small forward, and those who possess the best ball handling skills and are the shortest are called shooting guard or point gun. Knowing your position in the team would help you score high and play well also it helps in better team synchronization.
    Amatuer Basketball Player

    Amatuer Basketball Player

    Just learning the skill is the not the sole step in the process. Mastering the talents comes from regular practice and so never the less forget to be a good basket ball player practice more and more to acquaint yourself well with the sport, learning to perform consistently, skillfully, with speed, without fatigue, under pressure and executing it is what we call as performance practice, which needs to be mastered.